Custom Software

Standish Technologies specializes in developing custom software solutions for electric utility applications. We can develop applications on any number of platforms from any Windows Version to Unix and Linux variants and in a number of programming languages from Visual Basic to Fortran.

Development Methodology

All of our projects begin with an in-depth understanding of each customer’s technical needs and functional requirements. Software implementation follows only after full agreement on the functional details have been established. In addition to rapid prototyping to get the job started, Standish follows careful design and documentation methodologies to assure the future maintainability of the software.

Regulatory Compliance

Standish software complies with the following Nuclear Regulatory commission requirements:

NUREG/BR-0167: Software Quality Assurance Programs and Guidelines

Regulatory Guide 1.152 Rev 3: Criteria for Programmable Digital Computer System Software in Safety-Related Systems of Nuclear Power Plants, January 2006

NUREG/CR-4640 (PNL-5784): Handbook of Software Quality Assurance Techniques Applicable to the Nuclear Industry

Case Study

It was costing the client substantial time and effort to comply with all the “verification and validation” (V&V) mandates every time they changed a piece of software-even if programmers changed only a single number.  It’s a Nuclear Regulatory Commission requirement.

Our Solution? We restructured the software.

Standish engineers began by identifying the parts of the programs, and the data, most likely to change on a routine basis.  Then they divided the programs into chunks, separating the programs’ instructions from the data.  Now, with the new structure, engineers can change the data routinely with disturbing the programming code- and without the expense of V& V compliance.

Extensive tests have confirmed that the new programs work as promised, performing their tasks completely and accurately.


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"This is just a quick note to say that I really appreciate the exceptional support that I have been receiving from Standish regarding the implementation of SNMtrac® V6 and database conversion and creating my "first-time obligations" reports for NMMSS. Their support and follow-up is terrific and has, many times over the last week or so, been provided after support hours as defined in the software license agreement."

"Version 6 seems pretty cool, I even played with the Query saving to a spreadsheet! Of course, Joan was her usual helpful self!"

"I wanted to take a moment and tell you how pleased I was with the latest version of your SNMtrac® (v. 6.0) software program and the service I received… first reporting to NMMSS went out the door on time… This would not have been possible unless SNMtrac® version 6 was the full package—a quality product with superb customer support."

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