The Complete NMMSS Reporting Outsourcing Solution

SNMcare® is the perfect solution for both shutdown and operating plants. With SNMcare®, Standish Technologies’ staff does all the work in preparing your NMMSS reports for your internal signature process. Even though reporting needs to be done infrequently, it is still time consuming and difficult. Standish’s staff is involved with over 30 plants and can prepare your reports in less time and more cost effectively than you can.

  • Let Standish maintain your SNM database
  • Let Standish be the one to keep up with NRC reporting changes
  • Free your staff for more important work
  • Reports prepared and delivered in days
  • Cost effective solution to trying to keep your staff up to date on NMMSS changes
  • In addition to full SNM records we can track any items you have at your facility

Terms and Conditions

Standish Technologies will prepare the paperwork and electronic submittals for DOE/NRC 742742C and 741 forms as required by the most recent NUREGs and NMMSS Report D-24. The following data, supplied by the customer, will be required in the preparation of this data:

  • End of report period and or end of cycle burnups and isotopics.
  • New fuel receipts (vendor 741 data) if applicable.
  • Fuel movement information if applicable, supplied either as output from a shuffle program, a shuffle text file (see the SNMtrac® User’s Guide for details) or as an Excel spreadsheet with assembly id’s, old locations and new locations.
  • Fuel reconstitution data if applicable.
  • A calendar of refueling activities as related to the above data if applicable.
  • Most recent SNMtrac® data files as maintained by the customer before this work is transferred to Standish Technologies.

All of the above customer data must be available to Standish Technologies no later than 5 business days from the end of the reporting period.

Standish Technologies will perform this work using the latest version of the SNMtrac® program.
Standish Technologies' internal procedures for preparing these reports will be available for review at any time by the appropriate customer personnel.

Standish Technologies will deliver all reports to the customer for their transmittal to NMMSS no later than 5 business days before reports are due to be sent to NMMSS.

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"This is just a quick note to say that I really appreciate the exceptional support that I have been receiving from Standish regarding the implementation of SNMtrac® V6 and database conversion and creating my "first-time obligations" reports for NMMSS. Their support and follow-up is terrific and has, many times over the last week or so, been provided after support hours as defined in the software license agreement."

"Version 6 seems pretty cool, I even played with the Query saving to a spreadsheet! Of course, Joan was her usual helpful self!"

"I wanted to take a moment and tell you how pleased I was with the latest version of your SNMtrac® (v. 6.0) software program and the service I received… first reporting to NMMSS went out the door on time… This would not have been possible unless SNMtrac® version 6 was the full package—a quality product with superb customer support."

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