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The requirements for managing Special Nuclear Material (SNM) at your nuclear sites, are detailed in Federal Regulation 10 CFR Part 74 – MATERIAL CONTROL AND ACCOUNTING OF SPECIAL NUCLEAR MATERIAL. In essence, this regulation describes your legal obligations to manage your SNM and issue reports to the NRC via the Nuclear Material Management and Safeguards System (NMMSS).


Currently, there are only two companies in the United States that offer commercial software to assist you in fully meeting the above requirements. From our experience and reviews, nuclear plants attempting to manage in-house solutions are challenged by inefficiency and failure to review and to implement industry “best practices.” As a result, the overwhelming number of plants have chosen to use one of these products. Currently, Standish Technologies’ SNMtrac® software and our associated SNMcare® service are being used by a significant number of U.S. facilities.

Watching Your Back:

With the current uncertainties and disruptions in the nuclear equipment and services industry, you need to have confidence in your current SNM software supplier’s ability to deliver the most up to date product and reliable services both now and in the future. Standish Technologies has been in the business of meeting the needs of the nuclear power industry since 1991. During that time, we have not failed to deliver software and services that have met our customer’s requirements. We would be happy to provide you with a list of contacts to attest to this.

Without any company sales, complex reorganizations or bankruptcies we are a financially stable company with solid cash flow, a positive balance sheet, and no outstanding debt.

Your Next Move:

If you want to learn more about making the transition from your current solution provider or any of our other products and services continue to explore this website. Better still, email barryc@standtech.com to communicate directly with our President & CEO, Barry Cooney.


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"This is just a quick note to say that I really appreciate the exceptional support that I have been receiving from Standish regarding the implementation of SNMtrac® V6 and database conversion and creating my "first-time obligations" reports for NMMSS. Their support and follow-up is terrific and has, many times over the last week or so, been provided after support hours as defined in the software license agreement."

"Version 6 seems pretty cool, I even played with the Query saving to a spreadsheet! Of course, Joan was her usual helpful self!"

"I wanted to take a moment and tell you how pleased I was with the latest version of your SNMtrac® (v. 6.0) software program and the service I received… first reporting to NMMSS went out the door on time… This would not have been possible unless SNMtrac® version 6 was the full package—a quality product with superb customer support."

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