SNMtrac® Version 6.0

SNMtrac® Version 6.0 is fully compatible with the latest changes to the NMMSS reporting system including full obligated material reporting capability and form and diskette file changes as specified in the latest version of NMMSS Report D-24 and NRC documents NUREG/BR-0006 and NUREG/BR-0007. Standish has worked closely with DOE and NRC personnel to assure the accuracy of SNMtrac® submittals.

NRC rules, as specified in the D-24, require electronic reporting of data for 741742 and 742C forms. This can mean significantly more work for each of your units during your reporting cycle if your SNM reporting is only partially automated.

SNMtrac® Version 6.0 does all of the work necessary to generate your 741742 and 742C forms, both printed and electronic format, and does it efficiently per unit.

SNMtrac® Version 6.0‘s unique internal file structure provides for multi-region fuel assemblies as well as optional fields to encompass all your data. Any items that you want to track can be added to the database. Data is also accessible for importing into spreadsheets allowing for more calculation options. And all transactions are recorded providing a detailed historical record.

Version 6.0 has greatly enhanced Fuel Receipt, Fuel Movement and Reactor Core Isotopic update interfaces.

The enhanced Manual Update screens provide an expanded view of data in optional fields. Advanced users can now directly manipulate data in the Beginning Inventory and Discharge tables directly from the Manual Update screens.

A Fuel Reconstitution screen guides the user step by step to accomplish reconstitutions and handles all background tasks automatically.

A greatly enhanced Data Query function allows for the extraction of all current and historical data. The results of any query can be sent to an Excel™ spreadsheet as well as to a printer or a text file.

Summary of SNMtrac® Features:

Interfaces for:

  • Shuffleworks™
  • Simulate™
  • Beacon™
  • 3D Monocore™
  • Powerplex™
  • OD12™

SNMtrac® Version 6.0

  • Includes all the latest DOE/NRC formats and Obligation tracking information
  • Generates the new DOE/NRC Forms 741742 and 742C
  • File is ready for submittal to NMMSS
  • Each page is automatically marked and numbered for convenience
  • Extensive data query and reporting function
  • Tracks any and all items, inserts, sources, reports, pictures, etc.
  • New fuel receipt and fuel movement interfaces makes adding fuel to our database easy
  • Obligation tracking
  • Completely new Microsoft Access database structure
  • Up to 235 optional fields of any data type
  • Full integration with Excel™ spreadsheets
  • Core, spent fuel, and dry cask storage maps
  • Dry cask storage management

SNMtrac® Version 6.0 also

  • Records fuel and insert movements.
  • Provides a historical record of all nuclear material.
  • Automatically extracts data from shuffle codes.
  • Automatically extracts burnup and isotopic data from vendor supplied codes.
  • Automatically updates new inventory from fuel vendor’s 741.
  • Handles multi-region fuel.
  • Handles all obligation codes you have today and any you may add in the future.
  • Provides full query of all data.

Contact or call 786-664-6776 x210 to request a demonstration of the latest version of SNMtrac®.


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"This is just a quick note to say that I really appreciate the exceptional support that I have been receiving from Standish regarding the implementation of SNMtrac® V6 and database conversion and creating my "first-time obligations" reports for NMMSS. Their support and follow-up is terrific and has, many times over the last week or so, been provided after support hours as defined in the software license agreement."

"Version 6 seems pretty cool, I even played with the Query saving to a spreadsheet! Of course, Joan was her usual helpful self!"

"I wanted to take a moment and tell you how pleased I was with the latest version of your SNMtrac® (v. 6.0) software program and the service I received… first reporting to NMMSS went out the door on time… This would not have been possible unless SNMtrac® version 6 was the full package—a quality product with superb customer support."

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